SunSystems Benefits & Main Functions

Accounting & Localization (legislation)

Complete processing of all accounting procedures necessary for statutory reporting. SunSystems meets statutory requirements all over the world, including the processing of VAT, tax returns, etc.

Get immediate access to all finance and accounting information so you can make fast and effective decisions about all aspects of financial management, including nominal ledgers, payable and receivable ledgers, consolidation, corporate allocations, multiple currencies, dual-base currencies, fixed assets, and debtor management.

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Example of localization in the Czech language

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Example of localization in the Czech language

Consolidation and International Reporting

Flexible consolidation methods, with full support for automated consolidation of holding companies.

You’ll be able to meet multiple and evolving accounting and reporting requirements, because our solutions are highly flexible.

Rest assured you’ll comply with local requirements, multiple GAAP standards, and evolving reporting requirements such as IFRS.

For more details about international reporting, please go to our Infor d/EPM webpage.

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Management Reporting

SunSystems offers integrated reporting tools that allow you to understand and monitor your holding company’s current performance, or to plan your future business and financial strategy and process large volumes of data from different sources.

SunSystems‘ unified ledgers help you make better decisions, faster. React quickly to potential problems with proactive alerting capabilities.

Gain actionable insights with in-context analysis and BI that complements core reporting data. Drill back to source transactions and take immediate action directly from queries.

For more details about international reporting, please go to our Infor d/EPM webpage.

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Are you interested in SunSystems?

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Project Management

These modules enable professional services and project management. Used by many of the world’s leading organizations, this functionality has been designed to combine employee ease of use with powerful and flexible reporting and fee/cost calculations.

Achieve a rapid return on investment through the optimal allocation of human resources, the elimination of unbilled activity and expenses, the timely and accurate billing of accumulated or contracted fees, tight financial control and the provision of critical management information through up-to-the-minute reports.

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Sales and Purchase Processes

All businesses need flexible sales processing software. Most businesses need to issue ad hoc sales invoices for miscellaneous transactions. Whether you’re donating old equipment to charity or billing partners for co-funded marketing campaigns, your staff must handle invoicing for many transactions that fall outside your core business.

Take control with SunSystems, a solution that fully automates your sales invoicing process. You can quickly and easily create ad-hoc invoices within your system.

SunSystems solution, and route these invoices automatically in the system. You can track them, ensure they’re posted against the correct accounting codes, and retain an audit trail for every invoice you create.

SunSystems caters for all procurement processes, from requisitions and orders, to invoice processing. It is a web based procure-to-pay process.

Tracking and paying invoices is one of the most basic responsibilities of any finance department. It should be simple; but in many cases, it isn’t. Miscellaneous invoices and exceptions often don’t fit the model of even the most well-designed procedures, causing manual and ad-hoc workarounds. You can coordinate and keep track of all the invoices you receive with SunSystems. When an invoice comes into the finance department, you can easily record its arrival and monitor its status. You’ll be able to find out quickly where an invoice is at any point in the process, and report back to vendors and other business partners with confidence.

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Collaboration, Document Management, Integration & Workflow

Infor OS, is an integration platform combined with a user portal providing you with all you need, including documents, to make the right decisions without the need to search through multiple systems.

OS Portal provides a unified social networking platform where you can connect with colleagues and securely share information, conversation and electronic files within your organization. You will be able easily to tap into the knowledge and expertise of others across departments, locations and time-zones, to make decisions more quickly and with greater confidence.

With OS Portal you can share and communicate real-time information from SunSystems to others in your community—including those who don’t normally access the system. You can also organize your business into functional teams and let the team members share actual screens or reports containing real-time data from SunSystems.

Infor’s ION is a versatile piece of technology designed as a platform for providing and publishing data from transaction-based systems. ION thus enables interaction with data (e.g. workflow approvals) and allows you to schedule interfaces and mappings from one system to another, using easy-to-understand tools. ION can manage multiple integrations at once.

ION can also manage approval workflow and monitor events occurring in source systems. OS Portal is the interface between the ION and users.

Infor SunSystems integrates with Infor Document Management (IDM) to enable the archiving of reports. For example, reports run by users or schedules can be configured to send PDF output files, along with key metadata, to IDM, which enables in-context record-to-document association through OS PortaI, and a secure repository for documents. You can also print documents within SunSystems and store them automatically in IDM.

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What our clients say about us

Jan Slunský

Vice President of Financial Systems
“Our partnership with LLP Group and investment in Infor SunSystems has been significantly instrumental to Menzies Aviation’s long-term success and growth. For 15 years, we operated the system in its first version before upgrading to the latest technology, which allowed us to leverage greater efficiency through more effective utilization of the entire solution.”

Cornelia Trandafir

Financial Manager
“Infor SunSystems saves us a lot of time, reduces information re-keying and speeds up our complex reporting. We managed to significantly shorten the period for releasing donors’ reports. The new system’s budgeting functionalities enable us to do more accurate forecasting and budgeting. The owners now have a better overview of overall expenses and income. We can count on LLP consultants in every aspect, they are always very helpful and responsive to our needs.”

Marek Jendrej

Director of Finance
“Since implementing iPOS, we’ve significantly reduced the labor intensive need for scanning and manually routing invoices to various department for approval. We now have 99% of our vendors and suppliers sending us electronic invoices. And with the mobile functionality enabled, I can approve invoices from my mobile phone while away from the office.”

Peter Srpon

Finance Manager
“We have been using SunSystems accounting software with its Bank Payment System module for one year already, and we highly appreciate its accuracy and functionality. In the meantime, we can’t imagine our daily operations and monthly closing being faster without it. The Bank Payment System significantly shortens the time it takes to book and match bank statement transactions, both receivables and payables.”

Artak Gevorgyan

Director of Finance
“We chose Infor SunSystems because we needed long term and scalable application which is well suited to the needs of a global company in the hospitality industry, without having to customize the software.”

Lothar Schmitz

Group CFO
Infor SunSystems implementation: “Its been a reasonably quick installation and the system is meeting our expectations and requirements.”

Miroslav Švrčina

“I rate very highly the level of professionalism shown by the consultants. Their preparation, presentation, meeting of deadlines and execution were all exemplary.”

Nabi Bayramov

Director of Finance
“We implemented SunSystems 4.4.2 last year. We have a large number of clients, both corporate and individual, and manual booking took a lot of our time daily. After the BPS implementation, we process more than 60 banking transactions every day, avoiding double entry of data. Transactions are booked in SunSystems after completion of the BPS processes. A number of operations, including service fees charged by our bank, are successfully detected and automatically registered in SunSystems.”

Maria Yakovleva

Director of Finance
“Key for us is cost control and interfacing with our other solutions. Financials Business also gives us total flexibility as it works on a client/server architecture and also has the capability to be deployed over the web.”

Mihaela Tomescu

Tax & Accounting Manager
“We have worked with consultants from LLP Group for more than five years. They have delivered an exceptional solution with Infor SunSystems to handle both our local accounting requirements and a GAAP rules-based system. With the addition of Bank Payment System, we’re able to save countless hours during the month-end reconciliation process turning what was once a laborious manual task into an automated process.”

Delia Tomescu

Financial Manager
“The LLP Team used their knowledge regarding the hospitality business to  continually advise us during the implementation process. Their experience allowed us to significantly reduce the time needed to integrate our operational system. We got a new and modern interface with XML files that enabled us to transfer data from our hospitality software to SunSystems with the possibility to check and adjust data according to statutory requests.”

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