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Just as your business has changed and evolved over the years, so has the enterprise asset management software you need to leverage true value from your assets. HxGN EAM (formerly Infor EAM) can help you streamline your processes, get actionable visibility into performance issues in real time, and easily adapt to changes in your business.

The HxGN EAM team at LLP Group has some of the most knowledgeable consultants in the field of enterprise asset management with combined experience of more than 250 years. We can help support your current MP2 consultancy needs while preparing you for the transition to HxGN EAM.

With HxGN EAM you’ll experience advanced technology that gives you added value now, and in the future, while maintaining some of the same functionality and look and feel that you’re used to from Infor MP2.

Why you should upgrade from MP2 to HxGN EAM?

MP2 customers already know the advantages of a basic, client-server CMMS for work orders and preventive maintenance, but HxGN EAM allows companies to move to the next level. Understanding the difference between an enterprise asset management (EAM) system and a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is an important part of this discussion. CMMS focuses only on maintenance while an EAM system takes a comprehensive approach incorporating multiple business functions.

Although MP2 may have served your organization well, it has its limitations. HxGN EAM is a powerful Enterprise Asset Management solution that combines a web-based architecture with broad asset management software functionality, Key Performance Indicators, advanced analytics, and provides greater visibility and control of the business.

Key differences

Designed for companies who need a tool to monitor specific metrics or those who require customized business processes, HxGN EAM is an easily configurable SaaS solution that increases productivity while reducing downtime by managing several essential business functions within a single web-based solution.

Infor MP2 to HxGN EAM diagram

Main Benefits

HxGN EAM is also an open system which can fully integrate with additional enterprise applications via standard integration tools. The solution grows along with your business, extending the life of your IT investment. As needs evolve, additional modules (budget, inspection, project management, calibrations) can be added to your solution… and MP2 data can easily be migrated into HxGN EAM.

More than just an asset management system, think of HxGN EAM as an Asset Performance Management (APM) solution that combines data capture, integration, visualization, and analytics to improve the reliability and availability of physical assets. You can continuously monitor your asset health and energy usage and detect anomalies based on real-time data with rules-based analytics and active business intelligence.

By using HxGN EAM to continuously monitor the energy consumption of your assets, you’ll gain the insight you need to reduce capital and operational costs. You’ll spot energy waste and take timely corrective action that leads to measurable cost savings.

With a migration to HxGN EAM, you’ll invest in a solution made to easily adapt as your business and technology requirements change. You can minimize training because HxGN EAM supports technologies that you’re already using and your employees are familiar with in MP2.

To avoid a long and complex deployment process, LLP Group has simplified and significantly shortened the implementation plan allowing you to upgrade from Infor MP2 to HxGN EAM in under 30 days so you can quickly begin working more productively and with greater insight into your operations. Contact us today to get started.

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HxGN EAM Overview

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What’s new in HxGN EAM version 12.0.1

Case study

Jaguar Energy Guatemala

Customer Quotes

“For more than two years, we have maintained a tremendous business relationship with LLP Group. They continue to provide new functionalities to comply with our internal control guidelines. We consider them our main provider of support and tailored solutions for HxGN EAM given the quality of service they provide. They are reliable, efficient, and responsible.”

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