Facilities Management

Maintaining safe and compliant buildings

Facilities managers, building owners, maintenance and janitorial service providers, and tenants all have a keen interest in cost-effective building operations, comprehensive safety measures, and a trained workforce that provide quality service for tenants and customers.

HxGN EAM Facilities Edition is an award-winning solution that includes all the core enterprise asset management features needed to effectively manage buildings of all kinds, such as public buildings, university dormitories and educational facilities, shopping malls, hospitals and healthcare centers, manufacturing plants, multi-unit residential buildings, and office towers.

Features & Benefits

  • Property management features that help you track, locate, and analyze physical assets
  • Work order tracking that includes critical incident management functionality and scheduling preventive maintenance
  • Improved business processes with embedded, in-context, advanced analytics with reports designed for operations and performance forecasting
  • Eliminate operational inefficiencies, costly and unnecessary maintenance, and avoid information silos from disconnected systems
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Why you should use facilities management software

Drive profitability and efficiency

Facility managers, service providers, and building owners must maintain safety, comfort, and efficiency in the face of rising labor costs and increasing regulatory concerns.

As energy costs continue to rise, better management of buildings will not only help save costs, but the ability to analyze ways to do so in an environmentally friendly manner that’s sustainable over the long term.

Data-driven approach

A cloud-based facilities management solution can help you streamline the management of a single building or multiple facilities.

You’ll gain full visibility into the performance of your assets, the status of work orders and budgets, the scheduling of your workforce, and energy management. Failure analytics help forecast likely trouble points and causes to maximize uptime.

Monitor and maintain performance

Whether you outsource your facilities management services or retain them in-house, operating according to set parameters to ensure the comfort, safety, and satisfaction of building occupants is key.

A holistic view of data across multiple systems and environments helps provide the insight needed to immediately address performance and service pitfalls, as well as address potential compliance violations.

Long-term asset sustainability

From the equipment on the shop floor, HVAC units in commercial facilities, to motors, pumps, and heating coils, equipment assets can generate waste if all their components are not running efficiently.

Enterprise asset management technologies help facilities managers take advantage of strategies such as global asset sustainability (GAS) and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to make their buildings operate more efficiently.

Do you want to better manage your buildings?

Discover how HxGN EAM Facilities Edition can help provide exceptional asset management tools to maintain your facilities in optimal condition.

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Key Features

Work management. Track all work performed on assets, from installing new equipment to maintenance on existing equipment. Built-in risk analyses help you assign funds to assets in need of replacement or maintenance.

Energy performance management. Monitor and measure energy performance to immediately identify and address the causes of waste and excess spending.

Alert management. Receive immediate warnings about asset conditions trending outside optimum operating parameters to prevent costly and preventable breakdowns.

Space management. OpenCAD and BIM functionality offer an intelligent, model based process that provides architects, engineers, and construction teams the insight and tools to efficiently plan, design, and simulate changes before they’re made.

Enhanced profitability and performance

Buildings are aging, the cost of qualified labor is on the rise, and regulatory pressures continue to grow. Successfully addressing these issues requires visibility into every facet of the facilities you manage.

Facility management

Delivers insights into the operations of your facilities, grounds, and critical equipment, giving you the tools you need to make your tenant and resident relationships as strong and profitable as possible.

Revenue Optimization

Data about your assets from multiple sources allows calculation of demand forecasts for possible future uses of your facilities to determine the most appropriate strategies to maximize your yield and profit.

Asset management

Create, manage, and track work orders and service requests to ensure you exceed expectations. Mobile access helps ensure that you’ll expedite service.

Business collaboration

Dynamic communication capabilities facilitate collaboration across the enterprise between systems and people, easily connecting building owners, facilities managers, service providers, call centers, and tenants.

In-context analytics

Advanced analytics and reporting features give managers and executives easy access to data tools so they can consume relevant data and measure forecast performance in a meaningful context.

Building information modeling

BIM helps you to create preventive maintenance schedules, record product warranties, establish asset sustainability and facility baselines, forecast facility operational costs, and access initial layout designs for better space management.



HxGN EAM Facilities Edition


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