Yooz and LLP Group join forces in Luxembourg!

We are pleased to announce that Yooz and LLP Group have joined forces in Luxembourg, driven by a common desire to improve the AP automation ecosystem.

Yooz is the smartest, most powerful and easiest-to-use Cloud solution for e-invoicing and Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process automation. It brings unrivalled benefits in terms of productivity, speed and security to over 5,000 customers and 300,000 users worldwide who process their purchases and invoices.

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Its success is based on the unique combination of the performance of its Artificial Intelligence technologies, its extreme simplicity, and its ability to cover both outgoing and incoming electronic invoicing and the P2P process, from purchasing management through to payment orders.

Whether you’re a software vendor, a consulting firm, an outsourced/managed accounting services company, or a system integrator, join the most powerful AP Automation ecosystem by combining Yooz’s unique solution offering and technical expertise with your value proposition. This collaboration will set you apart from the competition and provide a significant advantage to your business.

Please contact us if you want to know more.

April 2024

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