Introducing our new junior consultant in the LLP Luxembourg office

Meet our colleague Anthony Delgado, who recently joined the new team of junior consultants to assist a major customer of LLP Group with a worldwide migration of Infor SunSystems Cloud.

His missions are:

  • Manage and implement ERP for large organizations and small-to-medium-sized companies.
  • Manage the Support Portal.
  • Ensure the ERP software runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible and develop and oversee solutions for any shortcomings.
Photo of Anthony Delgado

On the day of my arrival everyone in the team was very kind and helpful. I had no problem to get integrated into my new team due to this. It was a new challenge for me and I am very grateful to Tim who gave me the chance to show my skills and develop, next to highly educated colleagues who are professionals in their field. To see this, it pushed me even more to get to know my new environment fast to be a productive part of my new team. From my perspective I was very lucky to get this opportunity and to learn with, by and from my colleagues, not only things which belongs to the job but also life lessons. I am looking forward to grow with them and have a very successful year with LLP.

Congratulate Anthony Delgado on his recent hire and his new role!

March 2023

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