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Asset performance management (APM) is key for automotive manufacturers to reliably produce finished goods at the highest standard and the lowest cost. Industry-leading enterprise asset management system Infor EAM enables you to keep manufacturing facilities operating safely, efficiently, and within specifications. It’s also possible to monitor and reduce energy waste, increase labor efficiency and improve regulatory compliance.

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Key features of Infor EAM software:

  • Traceability – Infor EAM allows maintenance supervisors and technicians to immediately view full historical data on equipment, complete with documentation and specifications.
  • Energy optimization – Infor EAM allows you to establish and monitor a corporate energy strategy by benchmarking, monitoring, and comparing energy performance of your assets while eliminating wasteful spending.
  • Facilities management tools – Infor EAM contains strong facilities management tools that help reduce costs, lessen downtime and risk, while increasing compliance, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Discover more features and benefits on our page dedicated to Automotive Manufacturing.

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