LLP Group to exit Russia

LLP Group regrets to announce that it will close its office in Russia following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and will shortly cease to provide services to its Russian and Belarussian clients. We do this mainly for reasons of principle, though we also anticipate that many of our clients will leave Russia, and that technical difficulties, such as payment processes and travel restrictions, will obstruct business in the future.

LLP has worked for a wide range of companies in Russia since the mid-1990s supporting their optimistic early investment in the Russian market, including major international companies in the oil, pharmaceutical, accounting, auditing, real-estate, hospitality, and other sectors, implementing financial and expense management solutions.

We will continue to support our Russian colleagues for as long as possible and are encouraging them to provide services to our existing clients independently of LLP. We are grateful to them for their support over the last decades.

LLP Group will also be contributing 15K EUR to funds assisting Ukrainian refugees in our region.

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March 2022

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