Jaguar Energy selected HxGN EAM system to manage $900 million power generation plant investment


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The Jaguar Energy thermoelectric project generates electric power based on circulating fluidized bed technology, which allows for fuel flexibility and efficiency. The power plant consists of two generators with a capacity of 150MW each, a substation called S/E Jaguar containing two transformers, a double-circuit connecting line, and two fields to connect the Jaguar-Aguacapa transmission line to the substation.

With an investment of over $900 million dollars and 300 megawatts of installed capacity, Jaguar Energy is the most important power generation plant in Guatemala and the Central American region. Jaguar Energy also contributes to the diversification of the energy matrix while representing considerable savings to the national electricity system.


In power generation plants the main structure is always the same – a water reservoir with enough force to move a turbine that will produce the energy with a generator connected to the distribution system. Because of this, it is quite simple to first create the equipment structure, and then assign the equipment codes according to the customer requirements and remove the equipment from the structure that are not used in the model. The maintenance process is very similar company-to-company but differs in the way equipment is organized to perform work for which it was specifically designed.

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Otto Cacao
IT Manager
Jaguar Energy Guatemala

For more than two years, we have maintained a tremendous business relationship with LLP Group. They continue to provide new functionalities to comply with our internal control guidelines.
We consider them our main provider of support and tailored solutions for HxGN EAM given the quality of service they provide. They are reliable, efficient, and responsible.


After reviewing several enterprise management solutions, Jaguar Energy chose HxGN EAM software to assist in monitoring and managing the deployment, performance, and maintenance of assets, preventing operational losses, and reducing operational costs.

LLP Group was selected as their implementation partner based on LLP’s rapid implementation method for configuring HxGN EAM, previous experience with power plants, and an overall understanding of the industry standards needed for a successful implementation.


Working with the LLP Group, Jaguar Energy deployed HxGN EAM system, using special “accelerators” developed by consultants from the EAM Center of Excellence at LLP Group Mexico designed specifically for power generation and hydroelectric plants. The accelerators apply a pre-built structure with standard failure codes and basic preventative maintenance tasks that allowed for a 35% reduction in the time necessary to implement the solution. Instead of starting at “zero” with the design, starting with tried and tested methods from previous experience provided a significant advantage.

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HxGN EAM is a best-in-class and highly configurable system that is among the top enterprise asset management software products in the world. Jaguar Energy now has a comprehensive solution that enables them to:

  • plan asset maintenance activities
  • improve asset performance and reduce equipment cost
  • increase asset visibility
  • accurately maintain a detailed inventory of assets
  • track and monitor the condition and location of expensive equipment
  • generate complete audit reports
  • validate data on assets to improve compliance with standards and regulations

During the implementation project LLP provided Jaguar Energy with an equipment structure, operations materials catalog, standard root-cause analysis codes, material and equipment classes, and predefined work order types as well as standard maintenance  schedules for all systems covered in the structure. This comprehensive structure allows Jaguar Energy to easily adjust the frequency of preventative maintenance tasks according to vendor and equipment manufacturer recommendations.

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