Why move your financial software to the cloud – Infor SunSystems

When IT resources are focused on maintaining existing infrastructure and on-premises solutions, they become unavoidably stuck in a defensive operational mode. Transitioning SunSystems to a cloud-based environment can help free up capital, while delivering the flexibility to meet evolving organizational needs.

Finance Manager working in SunSystems on a laptop

Take a moment to consider what these opportunities might look like across your operations and how SunSystems’s cloud-based software can help.

  • 24×7 support and business continuity capabilities
  • Automatic monitoring and scaling of your cloud environments
  • Automatic and ongoing updates of functional enhancements
  • Reduced reliance on internal IT staff
  • Free up capital—software as a service (SaaS) model is an operating expense
  • Existing customers can retain detailed historical records
  • Enable digital transformation initiatives

For more benefits, please read the Why move your financial software to the cloud brochure.

March 2021

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