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Join us for a webinar: Innovations in Food & Beverage Production

Both the pandemic and Brexit have compounded the challenges faced by food and beverage manufacturers. Increased demand from large and small grocery chains and home delivery services have put a big strain on production equipment. Join us on our webinar to learn how Infor CloudSuite™ Food & Beverage and Infor EAM can help your production […]

Hexagon to acquire Infor EAM for $2.75 billion

In a move that surprised some, Hexagon AB, a global leader in reality solutions, announced its intent to purchase Infor’s global EAM (enterprise asset management) business from Koch Industries paying $800 million in cash and offering Koch 132.6 million Hexagon series B shares, representing nearly a 5% stake in the company, forming a new partnership […]

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LLP Group hledá novou posilu na pozici Financial ERP Consultant pro svoji kancelář v Praze

Hledáme talentovaného kolegu na pozici Financial ERP Consultant pro naši pražskou kancelář. Jako člen týmu se budete účastnit implementací řešení Infor SunSystems, komunikovat se zákazníky a přispívat k vytváření postupů a standardů. Tato pozice je vhodná pro absolventy vysokých škol i pro studenty v posledním ročníku. Zaujala vás tato pozice? Pro více informací klikněte zde. […]

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Infor announces the release of Infor EAM version 11.6.1

Infor® EAM 11.6.1 adds more than 120 new features and enhancements, all available for customers on Infor’s multi-tenant cloud deployment. The update includes significant upgrades to the former Infor EAM Field Work app (now part of Infor EAM Digital Work Mobile) and Optimized Scheduler. Reacting to features requested by EAM customers, additional improvements include enhanced […]

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Toyota Material Handling Slovensko zkracuje proces zpracování faktur s modulem iPOS pro Infor SunSystems

Společnost Toyota Material Handling Slovensko, výrobce inovativní a vysoce kvalitní manipulační techniky začala nedávno používat modul iPOS ke správě nákupního procesu, který je propojen s finančním informačním systémem Infor SunSystems. „Implementací iPOS se nám výrazně zredukovala intenzivní manuální práce se skenováním a odesíláním faktur do různých oddělení ke schválení. Nyní až 99% našich odběratelů a […]

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Bank Payment System version 6.4.5 now available

We have just released version 6.4.5 of Bank Payment System, available for Infor SunSystems 6.2, 6.3, and 6.4. The Bank Payment System for Infor SunSystems handles outgoing payments and incoming bank statements. The main enhancements include: Save time by automating payments and statement processing with the Bank Payment System. Would you like to know more? April 2021

Doing business in the Food & Beverage Manufacturing sector?

Asset performance is key for food and beverage processors to reliably produce safe food at the lowest cost. A world-class enterprise asset management (Infor EAM) solution provides the tools to monitor the condition of your assets and plan maintenance activities so they have minimal impact on production.   Infor EAM for F&B Manufacturing sector helps: Discover more benefits in our dedicated Food & […]

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Why move your financial software to the cloud – Infor SunSystems

When IT resources are focused on maintaining existing infrastructure and on-premises solutions, they become unavoidably stuck in a defensive operational mode. Transitioning SunSystems to a cloud-based environment can help free up capital, while delivering the flexibility to meet evolving organizational needs. Take a moment to consider what these opportunities might look like across your operations […]

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Turn asset management into a competitive advantage

Todayʼs asset management solutions need to go beyond simply handling work orders – they need to help organizations become predictive instead of reactive. Find out how Infor EAM can be used to optimize maintenance and turn it into a competitive advantage. A world-class enterprise asset management software Infor EAM helps: Keep assets operating safely, efficiently, […]

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