Hybrid Cloud Operating Platform

Infor OS brings business processes and AI together

Business leaders need software to help them run their business. Most businesses have different software in place for different business functions – accounting and purchasing, customer orders and contracts, inventory and logistics – the list goes on and on.

Infor OS is an operating service that delivers ‘last mile’ functionality with a focused solution that serves as the foundation for all Infor software. It provides an extensibility framework with integration capabilities, embedded reporting, and analytic capabilities that allow disparate systems—both Infor and non-Infor software – to share information with each other.

Cloud Innovation Platform

Learn more about how Infor is defining the future of work by delivering a unified experience between cloud applications and business processes.


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Key Components

Coleman AI

Artificial Intelligence for Business

  • A revolutionary artificial intelligence tool for business. Automations lead to increased productivity by reducing up to 20% of a user’s work week
  • Execute tasks, recommend next-best sales offers, and even predict issues and adjusting schedules using industry-specific data
  • Uses advanced machine learning to boost the business processes and offer recommendations to users for faster and better decision making

Infor Data Lake

One source for all your data

  • One repository for all your business data, whether it comes from applications, people, or IoT infrastructure
  • Advanced metadata intelligence makes both structured data and unstructured data perfectly manageable
  • Easy access to big data allows increased visibility to analytics and KPIs to make key decisions

Birst Business Analytics

Next generation analytics

  • Birst uses a new range of AI features providing enhanced business intelligence and analytics to help drive business growth
  • New automations will help key personnel and decision makers understand what is happening in the organization and why
  • Gain insights to improve profitability, reduce costs, and increase revenue

Infor ION

Simplifies software integration

  • Infor ION is a scalable middleware framework that helps you achieve unparalleled end-to-end efficiency
  • Flexible integration platform that enables Infor and non-Infor applications to exchange data in a secure environment
  • Provides a platform to make a complex web of enterprise systems work together to optimize return on technology investments

Infor Mongoose

Create apps fast and easy

  • Infor Mongoose is a unified development platform that can help you quickly build and deploy simple web applications with minimal programming knowledge
  • Share business objects and logic across all device types with pre-built, enterprise-class, full-user security using single sign-on
  • Browser based development and deployment available in eight languages



Infor Birst Connected Data Prep

White Paper

How Technology can lead transformation


Infor CloudSuite Platform

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