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OOH asset management and maintenance

Outdoor Advertising is an asset and maintenance intensive industry. From the structures used for traditional bulletins and posters, the sensors and electronics on digital displays, and the various types of street furniture – assets are everywhere. 

Whether you’re using your own fleet of vehicles and crews to install creative or relying on third party contractors to fulfill work orders, Infor EAM offers clear advantages to address the operational challenges inherent in running a top notch out-of-home advertising business. 

Use Infor EAM to:

  • Efficiently manage a diverse asset portfolio within a single data repository 
  • Automatically track and monitor key metrics and operational data to ensure that assets perform efficiently, and service level agreements are met 
  • Control excessive costs caused by inefficient maintenance practices, unreliable vendor compliance, and uncontained energy consumption 
  • Control excessive costs caused by inefficient maintenance practices, unreliable vendor compliance, and uncontained energy consumption 
  • Leverage mobile solutions and easy checklists for more accurate and efficient preventive maintenance, regular inspections, and work order dispatching  
  • Provide in-context analytics that can help predict future capital allocations and understand potential impacts on financial position and the continued ability to deliver services 
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EAM Advantages for OOH

  • 20% improvement in labor productivity
  • 10% improvement in fleet availability
  • 50% improvement in warranty cost recovery
  • 30% reduction in inventory levels

Benefits of strategic asset management

Choosing your EAM system wisely can turn your company’s asset management program into a competitive advantage. 

Checklist Functionality

Both supervisors and technicians need the ability to identify and track task plans and individual maintenance steps with an easy-to-use checklist. Field personnel benefit from having a mobile app that gives them all the information they need when and where they need it. 


Work management features are the backbone of Infor EAM. Daily scheduling to execute projects, track resource status and expenditures, monitor work completion, and allocate human resources are just some of the ways you can keep your assets running at peak efficiency. 

Contractor Portal

For companies relying on external contractors to carry out key tasks like installing creative and clearing vegetation, Infor EAM offers a secure portal for contractors to input data and update records without providing access to the full system or sensitive data. 

Facilities Management

Strong tools for property management, incident management, and records retention help reduce costs, downtime, and risk, while increasing compliance, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Infor EAM can also incorporate user manuals and CAD drawings to better visualize your facilities. 

Energy Optimization

When it comes to determining advertising rates for billboard locations, illumination costs are an important consideration. Infor EAM allows you to establish and monitor an energy strategy by benchmarking, monitoring, and comparing energy costs of traditional and digital assets. 

Cloud Infrastructure

Enterprise asset management solutions like Infor EAM enable organizations to capture large amounts of data from assets over time, perform failure analysis and then model what will happen under various conditions in order to create precise maintenance and repair budgets. 

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Key Features

Mobility. Infor EAM’s mobile features enable workers to roam between connected and disconnected environments without having to worry about losing data. Maintenance supervisors and technicians can identify and track task plans and individual maintenance steps and easily upload photos and videos for proof of performance.

ERP Integration. An EAM system doesn’t operate in its own corner of the world disconnected from the rest of the enterprise. Infor EAM integrates with existing business systems that allows users to work with common workflows using a single interface.

Best-in-class. Infor EAM goes beyond work orders to help operations move along the maintenance maturity model, adopting a predictive instead of reactive maintenance strategy. Advanced capabilities include tools for energy optimization and reliability centered maintenance.

Four key components of Infor EAM for Out-of-Home Advertising

Work order dispatching

Having an easy and efficient way to assign work to field crews and operators directly from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device makes keeping track of crews and their activities incredibly simple.

When integrated with Esri GIS functionality, you can actually visualize activities of installation and maintenance teams and their work on a map with real-time updates.

Field operations visibility

Infor EAM Mobile is great at helping maintenance workers keep track of and perform assignments with increased efficiency, but it also gives operations supervisors greater visibility.

Available for Android and OS devices, the mobile app enriches communication between the field and the office, so you assign and record activities from the work site, anywhere.

Advanced business intelligence

Outdoor advertising companies are increasingly relying on analytics to improve their operations and increase profitability. Infor EAM delivers business intelligence with fast, flexible data to power your analytics and decision strategies.

Infor EAM comes with hundreds of reports right out of the box. With advanced reporting features you can also create custom reports tailored to your business needs.

Understand investment and value

Infor EAM delivers insights that can be very helpful in forecasting potential points of failure on assets and the budget impact of maintenance and replacement parts.

Rather than being caught without a strategy or necessary capital, having foresight into trends and budget requirements make it possible to be condiment in your planning and take proactive steps to be prepared for tomorrow.


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