Sending data directly into SunSystems 6.x without using Transfer Desk

October 2017 - Did you know that Query & Analysis can send data directly to the SunSystems 6.x ledger validation table without using a file? This function is triggered by the “Send to SunSystems” checkbox in a Data Send definition. You must select “Ledger Import SSC” instead of “Ledger Import” in the Data Send list definitions in order to import transactions without using “Ledger Import (LIM)” function in SunSystems.

To activate direct Ledger Import, you need the Datalink version for “SunSystems 6” (“SunSystems 5&6” supports only the direct sending of static data) and should follow this one-time step-by-step action list.

Be aware that this setup is applied on the server for all users and allows everyone to update any data directly from Q&A. Take care especially with static data management since updates are not subject to additional validation in SunSystems.


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