sAutoleasing sales staff are now more flexible thanks to the new CRM system from LLP

September 2015 - logo_sautoleasingOn September 1st leasing company and member of Erste Bank financial group, sAutoleasing, in cooperation with LLP Group launched a new CRM system to support its sales staff. The solution has been built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 replacing the original in-house-developed CRM system and extending its capabilities in the areas of automated approval workflow, direct access from mobile devices and integration with a data warehouse.

‘The key objective of the new CRM system is to increase the flexibility and productivity of our employees, who spend a significant amount of their working hours on the go, and with our business partners. Thanks to mobile access to the CRM data directly from a tablet or smartphone, our sales staff will be able to react faster to our partners’ demands and inquiries,’  said Martin Beneš, Head Analyst at sAutoleasing. The new CRM also automates a wide range of approval tasks that were formerly performed manually.

‘We carefully considered which CRM system and which implementation partner to choose. In the end we chose LLP Group for its strong references in the financial sector. LLP recommended that we should go for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, which provides an intuitive user interface both on computers and mobile devices, and it represented an ideal solution for us,’  he added. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is easily integrated with other information systems and runs on Microsoft’s server platform, a platform that mainly large companies choose for its ease of administration and maintenance.

The CRM implementation also included the setup of all workflow processes, user trainings and integration with sAutoleasing’s internal financial systems. website load testing .

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