Infor Business Intelligence 11.0 now generally available

October 2015 – We are pleased to announce the release of Infor Business Intelligence 11.0. This new version can be used in a browser and on certain mobile devices and enables you to create customisable dashboards, generate meaningful reports, and analyse complex data sets from various relational and in-memory data sources. It can serve as the platform for predictive analytics, planning, and budgeting applications. This release is designed to help maximise analytical efficiency for both Infor cloud and on-premise customers by improved integration into the mobile world as well as the Infor ecosystem.


How do you measure compliance with a core SunSystems design?

October 2015 – In the mid-1990s, a few years after I’d started LLP Group, I was asked by one of our international customers to go to Moscow to sort out the mess they’d made of their SunSystems implementation. They were using the system for the purchase of their affiliates’ products, for inventory management, and for sales to their direct customers and distributors all over Russia. And of course they were using SunSystems for both local Russian accounting and for balance sheet, cash flow and P&L reporting to their head office in the USA, in USD.


Our Bank Payment System supports file encryption

October 2015 – We have successfully implemented encryption process that is working with specialised application provided by bank. BPS delivers encryption by calling encryption program within payment order generation process in BPS. In addition we use new tool which is able to manage generation and exchange of public/private key pair using PGP standard.


sAutoleasing sales staff are now more flexible thanks to the new CRM system from LLP

September 2015 – On September 1st leasing company and member of Erste Bank financial group, sAutoleasing, in cooperation with LLP Group launched a new CRM system to support its sales staff. The solution has been built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 replacing the original in-house-developed CRM system and extending its capabilities in the areas of automated approval workflow, direct access from mobile devices and integration with a data warehouse.


New systems@work website

September 2015 – LLP Group resells and implements time@work, expense@work and forms@work developed by our sister company systems@work, and we’re happy to see that a new version of the website has been launched. Take a look and let us know what you think.


PROMEDICA PRAHA decreases employees’ expenses by 40% thanks to LLP’s expense@work

July 2015 – PROMEDICA PRAHA, the largest equipment supplier for hospitals in the Czech Republic, chose expense@work to control, approve and categorise employees’ travel costs effectively. The company’s sales director, as well as other members of the top management team now have access to a summary of all expenses and budgetary performance, which they can control in a real-time, responding to the changing situation in the market if necessary.


New CRM system implemented at LMC s.r.o.

July 2015 – LMC s.r.o., leader in the Czech labour market and operator of the well-known career portals and Prá, chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM from LLP Group. LMC’s management needed an effective tool for managing the sales team and their business opportunities, as well as high-quality reporting, detailed categorisation of clients and integration with their call centre.


Launching LLP International

June 2015 – Focusing on International SunSystems Consulting. Ever since LLP Group got started in 1992 we’ve specialised in the development and deployment of core financial systems for international organisations, based on Infor’s SunSystems and related software products. Whilst all our offices in 10 different countries participate in group-managed international projects, each also has its own specialist areas and resells other software products besides Infor’s SunSystems.


LLP Group achieves 11% growth in 2014

May 2015 – LLP Group revenue grew 11% in 2014 from 7.8 Million in 2013 to 8.7 Million EUR. Profit before tax grew 23% from 1.4 Million EUR to 1.9 Million EUR.


Our Bank Payment System is now compliant with SunSystems 6.2.1

May 2015 – We’ve just released a new BPS version that’s compliant with SunSystems 6.2.1 (Unicode environment). It’s available in English, Czech, French and German.


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