LLP Group joins up with Atlantics Financials Systems to form LLP Canada

September 2017 - LLP Group is pleased to announce the establishment of a new office in Toronto in collaboration with Atlantics Financials Systems (AFS). AFS, rebranded as LLP Canada, will become a member of LLP Group at the start of 2018.

Anton Vettivelu, Managing Director and owner of AFS, has worked with Infor SunSystems and other related products for more than twenty years. He began his career with Deloitte, Toronto, in 1992, before moving to the firm’s Bermuda practice in 1997 as a SunSystems consultant. He founded Atlantics Financial Systems in 2008. The company supports financial, professional services, expense and BI (business intelligence) solutions for around fifty clients in the North American and Caribbean region.

Our business is largely international, ’ says Anton Vettivelu, ‘and we have long felt the need to collaborate with an organisation capable of delivering a wide range of international solutions to international customers in a variety of sectors. We bring expertise particularly in the insurance and offshore financial markets to LLP Group. LLP Group brings wide experience of international implementation projects and deep technical knowledge across many different products, and we hope, through this collaboration, to extend the range of products and services we offer to new and existing customers.

Adam Bager, LLP Group Chairman, comments: ‘We began our expansion in North America through LLP Mexico, and then, three years ago, through LLP North America in the USA. We have worked closely with Atlantics over the last two years on implementations of time@work and SunSystems in Canada and the Caribbean, and it seemed a natural step to extend our collaboration. Through the establishment of LLP Canada, with Anton, we gain momentum in North America and will be able to share resources more effectively across our EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), BI and SunSystems practice, based in Mexico, and our SunSystems, BI and systems@work practices in the USA and Canada.

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