Introducing Birst BI solution

November 2017 - Following Infor’s acquisition of Birst, over 6 months ago, we’re pleased to announce that LLP will offer the Birst BI solutions. Birst is a leader in Enterprise level Cloud Business Intelligence and Analytics and is highly regarded by the Gartner Group.  Birst competes in the BI market with Qlik, Tableau and Microsoft Power BI.

Why Birst?

Birst was the first to introduce to the market the concept of the Networked BI solutions, based on the easy sharing of data between departments. Your Sales Department might create a dynamic KPI that your Finance department can also use instead of creating its own version from scratch. Within Birst, this is a power-user driven process involving the creation of a Sales Package for the Finance Department that links to Sales Data sets and KPI calculations. Finance will see the new dataset in the Birst dashboard application and immediately use it to update current Finance dashboards and reports.

Birst solutions are cloud-based and multitenant, but on-premise installation is also possible.

For Infor SunSystems users, Birst BI is now ready to connect to SunSystems databases and with a few mouse clicks (no scripting required) you can prepare, relate, discover and present your data in your web browser using HTML5 technology.

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