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Initial situation

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The Maltese-based Corinthia Hotels International, operator of a number of hotels in Europe, Asia and Africa, has selected a new financial and accounting system for one of its hotels in the Czech Republic — Corinthia Hotel Prague. The decision-making process was made easier as a result of the group’s regional presence and the already proven SunSystems product. SunSystems had already been successfully implemented in Budapest by LLP Budapest; consequently the choice in the Czech Republic fell in favour of LLP Prague.

Starting position

The main motive for implementing the new system was the need for a comprehensive and uniform output. The requirement of a new system had been clearly evident for several years. All the new hotels had already been equipped with new systems.

This step forward allows us to completely satisfy the demands made by international companies. Our whole system was unnecessarily complicated,” said Miroslav Švrčina, Finance Director of Corinthia Towers Hotel, Prague.

Corinthia Towers’ requirements

For its hotel in Prague, Corinthia Towers Group required a trouble-free operation of all modules and good compatibility with other systems. Also needed was maximum connectivity with the Micros Fidelio Opera hotel system, the Materials Control stock accounting system, the Datacentrum payroll system and last but not least, with Česká spořitelna’s electronic banking.

Integration of all modules was also a key factor with regard to saving time. SunSystems was able to meet these requirements primarily due to its wide range of integrative ability — which respected the many corporate rules set forth by Corinthia Towers’ head office for financial management of the hotel — and also its simplicity, user-friendliness and flexibility of reporting tools.

Miroslav Švrčina
Finance Director
Corinthia Towers Hotel, Prague

I greatly appreciate the total professionalism of the consultants, particularly during preparations, presentations, meeting deadlines, noting tasks and their subsequent execution.


The project commenced in December 2007. During January and February 2008, the system was set up, users were trained and, at the same time, acceptance testing was carried out. During this time, all deficiencies were eliminated.

In March 2008, the system was put into full operation. “The activities schedule was nearly 100% adhered to — all the minor remaining work was done quickly, efficiently and without reservation. We were also impressed with the system in which the tasks were fulfilled. Perfect communication with the LLP Prague team went without saying,” said Mr. Švrčina.

Training and intuitive usage of the system was an important factor. “All trained staff picked up a routine mastery of the basic operations after only a half day’s training on each module. The system is very easy to understand, and its more advanced features can be accessed after more training. Each user also received a manual, which helped them gain a better understanding of the new system more quickly,” he added.

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Cooperation with supplier – flexibility
and total professionalism

I greatly appreciate the total professionalism of the consultants,  particularly during preparations, presentations, meeting deadlines, noting tasks and their subsequent execution,” stated Mr. Švrčina.

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Resulting position

The implementation was completed 95% according to plan and the solution meets all Corinthia Towers hotel requirements. The new system has excellent reporting options that are especially important for superior analyses.

All data is exported to Excel files, which provide a very userfriendly environment. “I realize that we haven’t fully utilized all of the system’s functions and potential. It’s a question of time and routine system usage before we get up to 100 %,” concluded Mr. Švrčina.


Corinthia Towers Hotel currently has eight installations and is considering implementing other licences. The hotel uses the solution based on the following Infor SunSystems 5.3.1. modules:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Property control
  • Banking Payments System
  • Transfer Desk
  • Transfer Desk Vision XL and Vision Executive reporting tools
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