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Infor-BI-main pictureBusiness Intelligence uses technology to transform the totality of an organisation’s data into useful knowledge. Put simply, you must know the answer to every question that your colleagues, partners or customers might ask. You must be able to anticipate every problem, trend and opportunity that your data imply. Infor BI (also known as Infor d/EPM) enables you
to do this.


Key benefits

Infor BI - unique features

Easy to use

Analysis and report preparation is a lengthy process when it involves the support of your IT department.

Infor BI is designed for end-users, and they have almost unlimited options in building solutions to meet their requirements without programming knowledge.

Unbeatable flexibility

Infor BI is an extensible and flexible tool that works with any data from any system.

You may add new data dimensions and data sources easily. The system can expand as your requirements change.

What happens if ...

  • If the conversion rate or price changes
  • If the price of petrol rises
  • If we make an investment
  • If we hire new employees
  • If the budget is not met

Infor BI will help you find answers to these and many other questions quickly.

LLP was awarded the "Most Innovative BI + DATA Solution of the Year" in the “Business Value Creation” category at the E-Banking Summit in Hungary in May 2017.


Infor BI OLAP Server
Infor BI Application Studio
Infor BI Office Plus
Infor BI Mobile Applications
Infor Q&A

Infor BI OLAP Server

The Infor BI OLAP Server is the core of the BI solution. The BI OLAP Server incorporates in-memory computing to ensure quick calculation using the multi-dimensional database to enable rapid modelling, planning, and decision-making. Working with the system is fast and interactive.

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Infor BI OLAP Server
Infor BI Application Studio

Infor BI Application Studio

The Infor BI Application Studio provides a friendly and simple user interface for the creation of planning and budgeting forms and the generation of reports, analyses and dashboards. It also enables immediate visualisation of the end-user experience.

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Infor BI Office Plus

Infor BI Office Plus is an MS Excel plug-in that obtains data from the Infor BI OLAP Server enabling the creation of reports, plans and analyses without recourse to your IT department.

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Infor BI Office Plus
Infor BI Mobile Applications

Infor BI Mobile Applications

This application enables the creation of dashboards for your mobile devices, whether iOS or Android.

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Infor Q&A

The Infor Q&A reporting and interrogation tool works with almost any transaction-based system and has been successfully implemented with Helios, Infor SunSystems, systems@work, Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV. Infor Q&A can be linked to several systems simultaneously, importing and formatting data for manipulation within MS Excel.

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Infor Q&A
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